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If you have always wanted a straighter smile but didn’t fancy the thought of complicated and long-winded treatment, Smilefast could be a great solution for you. In as little as six to nine months, you could have a beautifully straight and attractive smile.

What is Smilefast?

Smilefast is a fixed braces system that uses 3D imaging to precisely pinpoint the positon of each bracket, providing optimum results. You can preview these 3D images to see the outcome of treatment before you even begin. Smilefast uses an indirect bonding system with custom-made trays to fix the brackets onto teeth, so your appointment will be quicker and smoother.

Will My Smilefast Braces be Visible?

Smilefast braces are very different from traditional fixed braces as we can use clear brackets that are extremely discreet and these are attached to tooth coloured wires. The overall effect is very subtle and this system can be ideal for adults who do not wish to wear highly visible braces.

Who Can Have Smilefast?

Smilefast can be used to correct problems with overcrowded or crooked teeth, or issues with teeth that are incorrectly spaced. If you have a deep bite or an overbite, Smilefast could help you. It could also be useful if you have teeth that are very protrusive.To find out more about Smilefast, or about any of our fantastic orthodontic options please contact us here at Woombye Dental. You can call us on (07) 5442 2136. We are located at 31 Blackall Street, Woombye QLD 4559.