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We all know how important our on-line presence is, but it’s complex and time consuming to keep on top of everything that is required. Well that was up until now!

IDM has been helping the Australian Dental Profession to achieve their business objectives through marketing since 2001 and we have helped create some of the fastest growing and most successful practices in the country over this time. However, marketing trends are in a constant state of flux and to remain successful we have to stay at the forefront of what is relevant to achieve our client’s goals.

As on-line marketing has developed, we have been able to track exactly what is important and productive, as well as discard what is just a fad or has little relevance to marketing dentistry. With this as a backdrop we have today developed our Local Dental Digital Marketing Platform that draws on the experience of hundreds of dental on-line marketing campaigns to deliver you with a single highly intelligent on-line marketing solution that gives you what you actually need from your on-line footprint and does away with activities that simply waste your time and money.


Your practice is a ‘Local’ business and this is key to designing an effective and affordable on-line marketing program. You need to dominate a 10 to 15km geographic area and by focusing on this goal we achieve far better outcomes at a much lower cost.


Having a deep understanding of the dental profession gives us both valuable knowledge as well as proprietary technology, this give us a massive advantage over marketing companies that try and promote all or any product or business. With 16 years of data, we understand what your patients are searching for. A patient will use a technical term if they already have treatment plan from another practice, but they will use a layperson search time when they are researching a topic for the first time. Understanding what, how and when a patient searches for dental procedures gives our campaigns a distinct advantage and intel other companies can not access.


As the Australia dental market gets more and more competitive, the results you gain from your marketing dollar becomes increasingly important. Achieving a good ‘return on investment’ from your marketing campaigns has always been important, but with the decline in DMFT, increased competition on the recent squeeze on dental fees, the major objective from your on-line marketing has to be a measurable increase in new patients into the practice. To achieve this On-Line Fundamentals ensures that your campaign is tailored to your specific needs. Understanding the style of dentistry you provide and the dental procedures that you are well known for is an essential step. With this information we use the On-Line Fundamentals platform to deliver cost effective campaigns with proven results. By combining everything that has proven on-line results into one platform we will provide More Patients Per Dollar than our competition. We are so confident that – We Guarantee it.


Our new platform manages all your digital marketing needs and adds a level of cross platform marketing that cannot be achieved by managing all the on-line mediums manually. This level of efficiency will provide you with the campaigns you need with the minimum of fuss.

What is online fundamentals

Getting found first!

There is nothing more important than actually making sure you are found first when someone is searching on a relevant dental topic. Whether it is a new resident moving into your area that is needing a scale and clean, or a patient researching for the cost of dental implants, or orthodontics for their child. Our program will put you in front of the patients you want to connect with.

We do this through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

SEO is still highly relevant to an on-line campaign, even though it cannot always deliver the No 1. Spot in Google because of all the ads, getting found on Google Maps and at the top organically will still deliver great results and is particularly important with specialised search terms that deliver high value treatments and for dental treatments you might not be commonly known for.

Dental Websites


It is important to attract new patients, but it is equally important to keep them. Keeping in touch with your patients will both keep them loyal and will also stimulate new personal referrals, which is certainly fundamental for a successful dental practice. We achieve this through a monthly eNewsletter to your database, regular blog posts and keeping your social media engaging and relevant.



You simply would not stay in a hotel with a one star rating on Trip Advisor due to terrible reviews. Well the same is true for patients choosing a dental practice. But it’s a minefield; Google and Facebook don’t send you an alert if someone posts a negative review and due to the relatively low number of Google Reviews most dental practices have, one negative review can destroy your rating. We will both monitor your on-line reputation and help you respond to negative reviews and encourage positive ones – and yes, this is Fundamental these days.

 Knowing what is going on

John Wanamaker famously said “Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted, the only problem is I don’t know which half.” Even though this quote is now over a hundred years old, many businesses face the same problem today. Well not with our program. We will deliver to you a highly detailed report each month and also arrange a monthly phone or Skype meeting to go over the report and discuss what is delivering the best ROI and what you would like to see in the coming month. Your year ebbs and flows and your marketing should be intelligent and responsive enough to adapt to this. If you are always fully booked in December, why spend money on Google Ads? If you are always slow at Easter, then spend the money you saved in December on increasing your Google Ad Spend - that’s the way we roll.

Carl Burroughs

For the past 16 years Carl Burroughs and the team at IDM have been at the forefront of dental business development in Australia. IDM has helped hundreds of dental practices achieve their goals through proactive marketing plans. Carl has personally advised many of the dental corporations and was one of the original founders of Dental Partners in 2007. Plus, IDM helps many dental supply companies promote their products and services to the profession.
Always at the cutting edge, Carl has been involved with many of the major changes the profession has seen in recent years. Carl launched the very first patient payment plan in Australia in 2004, subsequently selling this business to Macquarie Bank. He incubated the revolutionary snoring device, Somnomed, which went on to successfully list on the ASX and he has created more Australian dental brands than any other person.
Carl is also the founder of the Marketing Dentistry Institute, which has presented world-renowned speakers such as Bill Dorfman, Howard Farran, Mark Costes and others. Plus today Carl owns his own dental practice, which he uses to test new marketing strategies in a real-world environment. In 2016 Carl’s practice grew by an astonishing 200% in the face of stiff competition and a saturated local marketplace.

Tony O'Brien

Tony will oversee all production to ensure they meet the specified requirements and he will provide his high strategy lead knowledge to maximise ROI.
He has a degree from RMIT in Computer Science and with over 25 years of experience in the digital and e-commerce space, he will ensure your business is using the latest, most optimised technologies.
Tony has held technical and strategic leadership roles at large organisations such as Lonely Planet and JBWere. He has created over 300 websites, implementing the best technology and strategies available.
He will ensure the projects run smoothly from the very beginning until post-production, aiming at delivering the best.

Sonia Kingman

Sonia joined our IDM team in 2007 as office administration assistant. Sonia’s experience at IDM has seen her assist in various roles throughout the company ranging from Project Management, Telemarketing and Office Administration. Sonia’s knowledge and experience has enabled her to establish strong relationships with many of our clients. 
Sonia has a deep understanding of our extensive product range and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding the services provided by IDM. Sonia’s current role within IDM is to assist our Managing Director, Coordinate Meetings, Office Administration, Accounts Department, keeping client records up to date and attending events.

Jonathon Kim

Design and function are always integral elements that work hand in hand, never to be compromised. The creative concept and its aesthetic outcomes of the marketing material required are to ensure your project is a success and will be spearheaded by the award-winning Creative Director, Jonathon Kim. Previously, Jonathon has worked with many of the biggest brands in Australia, delivering outstanding artwork and concepts that are specifically designed to meet various marketing needs. Jonathon now has full creative control here at IDM.
Unlike other companies where there is a distinctive divide that exists between graphic, web and project management departments, here at IDM Jonathon works very closely with the entire team to ensure that the optimum success is achieved in both artistic and commercial dictation.

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What Else Should You Know?


We will only work with one dental practice per area – Guaranteed

social media management

Part of a strong social media campaign should be localised content, therefore it is important for us to know what is going on at the practice and in your local community. To help us achieve this, our platform has a simple on-line form for one of your team to complete each week. We want to know if you have done any charity work, sponsored the local soccer team, had an amazing Veneers case that you would like to share or if anything special has happened to one of your team. The form will only take 5mins each week to complete and we take responsibility for contacting your allocated team member to help collect the local information we need.

Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads Budget

Our Fundamentals package is fully inclusive with the exception of your actual Ad Words and Facebook budget. This is set in a consultation with yourself and is reviewed on a monthly basis and can be increased or decreased as required. We recommend a first month budget of $2000 to start the program and review what has been achieved at the end of the first month. You are not locked in or committed to a monthly spend like many agencies insist on, instead we work with you and the data created from our platform to deliver you the best results in the most cost effective way.

how does the 12 hours per year website updates work?

We understand that a website should always be kept updated, which is why we have included 12 hours per year website development as a bonus option. Some months you will need website updates, such as adding a new member of staff profile and other months you won’t need anything at all. Your allowance simply rolls over in the months you don’t need it, to have capacity for the months when you do.

return on investment

Through our detailed monthly reports you will see all the activity your On-Line Fundamentals program has created for you. We will also help you put systems in place to track what has happened at the practice level and the value the program is providing you. One of our QLD clients not only added $400k in revenue to his practice in the past financial year, but went on to sell his practice for nearly double what he had previously expected. Knowledge is power and we help you see the entire picture.

can I cancel?

Just like you we hate to lose a customer, but if you are not happy then we are not happy. If you are concerned about any aspect of your campaign we request that you bring this to our attention at our monthly phone or Skype meetings or indeed at anytime so we have the opportunity of resolving any issues. However, no matter what you are free to cancel at anytime after four months with one month written notice.


* Does not apply to Full Website Builds.

how do you start?

Very simply, complete the order form below and we will get the ball rolling. There will be a number of things we need such as access to your website details and social media accounts, but we will work with you or a team member to collect this. Then all you need to do is sit back and know that everything that is important to local area marketing on the Internet is getting handled for you, leaving you free to concentrate on providing exceptional dental care.

AHPRA compliant

All our On-Line Fundamentals Campaigns are 100% AHPRA compliant.

how does the MPPD guarantee work?

If we do not increase all the key indicators of a successful on-line marketing campaign over your previous on-line campaigns, either managed by another agency or yourself, based on the monthly budget – or amortised per dollar, we will not charge you for the On-line Fundamentals platform until we do exceed your previous results.


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